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Top left Xipheroceras, estimated diameter around 30mm.  Top right Promicroceras bed, one edge reveals four partial Promicroceras.  We think it likely there will be a complete specimen or two further inside the rock.  The largest weathered Promicroceras is 24mm.

Middle left Arnioceras.  A single small Arnioceras of between 15-20mm.  

Middle right Promicroceras.  A single specimen is exposed on the top of the block, this should be complete.  Partly overlapping but underneath it, is a second specimen.  It is slightly weathered on the back but would be undamaged on the other side.  Both ammonites are 15-20mm

Bottom Caenesites turneri.  This is probably the nicest specimen.  It is just over 40mm diameter. If prepared from the reverse, it would be undamaged.  This specimen would probably benefit from the careful use of air-abrasive.

Advanced Difficulty. 

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